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"Cynthia Darling, author of Shunned: Outcasts in the Land, uses Hester Prynne of the The Scarlet Letter as a model for her modern-day protagonist, Carrie. The author also evokes Lewis's The Jungle in her painfully vivid descriptions of characters scarred by the use of antidepressants. She is also the author of Forty-Nine Poems, and is presently writing a book about Georgetown, D.C., in the 1960's."


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Shunned is like Pandora's box, only with a better ending. First, out come the evil vultures of the drug industry, flapping their wings, waiting to grab you.

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Next, you watch in dismay as the community ostracizes a good couple, shrouding them from others.

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Then, when you think things couldn't be worse, comes the specter of Hell and punishment, and lastly, murder -- murder in its most evil form, attacking all that fights it.

It's the old story of good against evil.

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Available at Smashwords and Amazon.

First 20% of the novel may be sampled.

Do you remember what it was like in high school when you were different from the others?

Do you have any idea what happens to an America with one out of every ten men and one out of every four women when they are on antidepressants?

Did you ever think about why so many of us believe in Hell and punishment? What if – just what if we are right?

Johnny Cash

"Do you cry when you hear Johnny Cash's 'Man in Black'?"


"He never expected to visit his wife in jail. Maybe watching her give out hot soup at the Salvation Army, or maybe he'd come home to find a stray dog hit by a car, but never this. No one could know how it tore him up; he had become like a tree whose very fullest branches had been cut away, leaving him bare and exposed to the harsh wind."

Why Should You Read this Book?

If you, a loved one or someone you know has gone through trauma after taking antidepressants, you should read this novel. This book is fiction, but the stories are based on actual events in the lives of people around us, people we see every day. One out of every ten men and one out of every four women are on antidepressants today. Think of that when you celebrate over Thanksgiving dinner. Look around the table. What do you see?


"Hell, murder, mayhem, antidepressants, and a Baptist minister -- good bedtime reading!"

"How can you put those terrible sermons in that minister's mouth? Why should people have to suffer from reading what he says?"

"It's a wonder the drug companies don't sue you!"

"My husband's life was ruined by the bad decisions made by doctors and their drugs. You have made me want to write my own book."

"This book combines the ideas in two of American's most meaningful books: The Scarlet Letter and The Jungle."

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Available at Smashwords and Amazon. Also available in paperback.

Georgetown Journeys

Available at Amazon.

49 Poems

49 Poems available at Amazon.

Bio, Cynthia Darling

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The author has a BA in English from the College of William and Mary, masters' degrees in Public Administration and Social Work. She worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, on Indian reservations and in mental institutions. She preferred the mental institution to the Government. She has spoken to groups on missions and biblical issues.


She received a poetry award from Fairfax County, Virginia, for her Poem Mississippi Mother, from her book Forty-Nine Poems. She is working on a second book about Georgetown, D.C. in the 1960's.

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